Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why You Should Join the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network Today!

I recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to New York and participate in Microsoft's Innovative Educator training. This two-day seminar centered on innovative ways to integrate technology in the classroom in order to understand how Microsoft products can have a greater impact in education. As a result, I have a better idea of how to support our teachers and staff in using the technology provided by our district. I am also now certified to train other teachers to become Microsoft Innovative Educators and help them gain a deeper understanding of effective technology integration.

One big takeaway from this training was being introduced to Microsoft's Partners in Learning Network (PIL). PIL is a global community of educators dedicated to improving student learning worldwide. It offers teachers step by step tutorials of how to use Microsoft products, tested lesson plans, free software only available to members of the PIL, and free professional development in the form of online classes and webinars. Here is a quick video that explains what the PIL can offer to you.

I'm also really excited to share with our staff the innovative ways that teachers across the country are using OneNote. I know what you are thinking, NO MORE ONENOTE!!! I understand that people are completely burned out with OneNote, but we have not even scratched the surface of the incredible ways it can be used to facilitate sound pedagogical strategies like Problem Based Learning. Furthermore, there are some really cool features that I learned like recording audio and video in OneNote, tagging content to make study guides, and inserting attachments. It is so much more than just a digital binder and I can't wait to share all of the tips and tricks I learned with you.

Take a second to visit and create your account today to get access to some fantastic resources. Also, anyone interested in becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator should send me an email for more information. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Partners in Learning Network.

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