Friday, November 7, 2014

Office Mix

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Do you or your students use Microsoft PowerPoint to deliver information?  Are you interested in making your PowerPoint Presentations more interactive for students? 

If so, there is now an easy way to take any PowerPoint and turn it into an interactive lesson with detailed analytics to follow after student completion.  Microsoft has released Office Mix, which allows for the transformation of a typical PowerPoint Presentation into an interactive experience with the ability to: record audio / video, create and add quizzesadd exercises / tutorials from outside apps such as CK-12, Khan Academy, and GeoGebra, and record a screen capture

Experience a PowerPoint that has been "mixed" by Meredith Ringel Morris, a Senior Researcher for Microsoft. 

To get started, Office Mix is a quick download; go to Office Mix and follow the steps below:

Once downloaded, Office Mix will appear as an add-on in your PowerPoint ribbon bar titled Mix. You can then start "mixing" your PowerPoints by clicking on the Mix icon pictured above. After a mix is created, you have the option to upload the mix to the Microsoft Office Mix Gallery. Microsoft will store your uploaded mix for free and also let you browse / use any mixes made public.

By uploading your Mix to the gallery you can:

1. Share your mix with others using a link:

2. Check the analytics when given to students. After a student has viewed and taken quizzes in your mix, you can see a detailed report by user indicating the time spent on each slide, choices selected on quizzes, and number correct:

Office Mix is a new tool, but through the comfort of PowerPoint it can easily be utilized to transform any lesson. In your upcoming Office Mix adventures, take advantage of the Office Mix Gallery of tutorials that highlight various features in the Mix PowerPoint Ribbon.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Importing Gradebook Scores for New Students

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There are two ways to import scores for students who are added to your class mid-semester in TAC 3.0.  You can enter a walk-in grade to use for the assignments or import scores for assignments from a class the student has dropped.

Recommended Use: 
Select 1 option.
Note: Once either option is used the import icon will no longer be visible or accessible.
Enter score as a walk-in score if the student did not transfer from another one of your sections.
Import scores from a dropped class if the student was already in your class and transferred to a different section that you teach.

To Access This Feature
The gradebook displays the Import icon next to a student's name.  Thecontinues to display until a score has been entered for one of the assignments due before the student's add date.

More Details:

For complete information regarding this feature reference the TAC Help Center.
Import New Student Scores:

Friday, October 31, 2014

Link Submission Libraries: JT Learn Feature Highlight

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Online assignment submission on JT Learn has expanded to include Link Submission Libraries in addition to the Document Library for Student Work.  So, what is the difference? Documents and other files can be uploaded to a document submission library.  But when an assignment is stored in an online location, students need to provide teachers with a URL link. Link Submission Libraries make it easy to do this. So, they serve the same basic purpose, but a student would copy/paste a link instead of uploading a document.  

Creating a Link Submission Library is as easy as creating a Document Library for Student Work.  By using Feature Builder, the correct permissions are granted and teacher selected options are set.  This turns the set up process into just a couple minutes of work. 

One example of where students might be saving their work online is on their OneDrive. Students can use the Share feature in OneDrive to create a link with an option for two permission levels: 'to share' or 'to view'Students might use the ‘to edit’ permission level for documents, so teachers can add feedback on draft or final papers.  Whereas, links to videos might be created with the ‘to view’ permission level.   

Watch this screen-cast to see how to use the Share feature to create, copy and paste a link for a file saved in OneDrive. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Microsoft Office Download on Personal Devices for Staff

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Looking to have Microsoft Office on any of your personal devices including Mac and iPads? There is now a solution! You can currently install Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, & OneNote) on up to five personal devices for free thanks to Office in Education. To do so: 

1. Access using the device you'd like to install Microsoft Office

2. Select the green tab stating "Find out if you're eligible"

3. Type in your full JTHS email i.e.: 
4. Click "Sign Up" and follow the prompts until you see the screen below

When you see the screen below; click “Install Now” and follow the installation prompts. Be sure to be on the personal device on which you want to install Office.

Friday, October 17, 2014

JT Learn Feature Highlight

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One piece of feedback from teachers at JTHS during our first year of the 1:1 Initiative was that they wanted a way for students who either forgot their password or who were locked out of their account to receive assistance without missing class time.  The Password Reset WebPart was the answer!

The Password Reset WebPart is a valuable tool that allows teachers to reset and unlock student accounts in less than 5 seconds.  Student do not have to miss crucial class time.  This webpart is added to a teacher’s period page and then displays student names for that period.  Teachers add a check in the box next to the student who needs their password reset or account unlocked and click "Reset Password(s)." (See image below)

This is now the third year to have this feature fully operationalized and it is helping make a difference for teachers and students. 

Additional Resources:  Screencast demonstrating how to add the Password Reset WebPart to a period level page on JT Learn.