Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Having Problems Accessing your JTHS Materials at Home?

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Have you worked from home and wondered why you can’t access your JTHS materials sometimes? It’s possible you are not connected to our network through Global Protect.  It’s easy to miss because it doesn’t alert you in a big way—you have to look for it. 

Global Protect software runs on your device and can be found in the lower right corner under “hidden icons.” GP protects you with the same security policies that protect you when you’re in a district building. It shows as a globe with another image over it, indicating whether you are connected or not.
If you are NOT connected, the globe will have a red X over it. When you click the icon, it will bring up a disconnected message in a box and then will generally reconnect you. 

If that doesn’t resolve your access issues, then it’s best to note as much of the following as possible and send the information to the help desk:
- Date and time of problem
- Error message (if there is one)
- A screenshot
- A click path for how you got to the error/problem

Contact Lea Sloan if you have further questions. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Want Your Final Exams to be (Fairly) Trouble Free?

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Processing your final exam grades will slow down if your bubble sheets have any issues with them during scanning.  Avoid some hassles by checking your sheets for the following:

Don’t include the cover page, blank pages or any other pages with your batches.

Don’t make ANY additional marks (no handwriting or slashes, etc.) on the bubble sheets. 
Check over student bubble sheets as they turn them in and ensure that:
  • There are no stray marks.
  • Each answer is filled in very clearly (not just a light dot).
  • There are no duplicate answers for any question.
Though you may still have a glitch here and there (that’s life, right?!), you can prevent some of these types of problems and be on your way to completing your semester grades.

Contact Lea Sloan if you have any questions.  Have a happy holiday season, everyone! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is Your TAC Ready for Final Exams and Semester Grades?

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With final exams and the end of semester approaching, sometimes grade book weighting questions or issues arise.
You can check your overall grades before finals with a simple test.  Place a test value in for a student or several students for their final exam grade in TAC, and see if you get the expected semester grade in TAC.  Be sure to change the grade(s) back before exiting TAC!
Calculating Weighted Average with Percentages
Let's see how weighting works with an example.  Just replace your own weights and student percentages to verify final grades in the example below.
A student is enrolled in a course where the final grade is determined based on these categories:
40 %
Final Exam
25 %
25 %
10 %
The student has earned the following percentage scores for each category: tests-83, final exam-75, quizzes-9 and homework-100.
To calculate a weighted average with percentages, multiply each category value by its percentage. Convert weighting percentages to decimals before you multiply. Then add all of these new values together.
So, multiply the student's average on all tests (83%) by the weighting percent that the tests are worth (40%). Multiply the final exam score (75%) by its weighting percent (25%). Do the same for both the quizzes (90 * 25%) and homework (100 * 10%).
The overall calculation is:
(83 * .40) + (75 * .25) + (90 * .25) + (100 * .10)
                                                = 33.2 + 18.75 + 22.5 + 10
= 84.45 or 84% if rounded down
If you need help calculating the final grade for a few students to see if your TAC is calculating properly, contact Lea Sloan. 
Need a refresher on TAC, take a look at our JTHS EdTech TAC tutorials.  Good luck!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Capture Screen Actions with Screencast-O-Matic

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Are you looking for a way to capture computer screen actions to show others? Try screencasting!  JTHS has a Screencast-O-Matic license which allows teachers, staff and students access to their screencasting Pro Tools.


Some features include the ability to Draw / Zoom while recording, access to advanced Editing Tools and use of the Script Tool

Note: You can record up to 15 minutes online in Screencast-O-Matic, but that’s generally too long.  Keep screencasts short and focused on 1-2 objectives to make them really effective.

Logging in

Access the JTHS District Screencast-O-Matic page at . Click “Start Recording” where you can save to your device or online. You can also download the application.


Need help getting started?  Explore the Screencast-O-Matic getting started video.

Want to make your screencasts effective and engaging? Check out tips from TechSmith: 59 Tips for Creating Engaging Screencasts

Share out—Share ways you have used screencasts here!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Discover Discovery Education!

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Thought about flipping a lesson, but don’t know where to start?  Need an engaging way to kick off a unit? 

JTHS has a license for Discovery Education.  In this post, we'll focus on Discovery Education's video repository for teachers.  DE also has tools for classrooms/groups, assignments/quizzes and more. At the end is information about a webinar you can attend to learn about DE's other products.    

What can you do with videos?
  • Flip a lesson: Swap direct instruction to occur outside the classroom with a video and move activities traditionally considered homework into the classroom
  • Provide a video for an absent student—they can view it as many times as they like
  • Use a screencast tutorial to show step-by-step instructions for a topic 
  • Keep your students moving forward with course content when you are absent
  • Conduct low-cost field trips
  • Support visual learners
  • Start your unit in an engaging way
  • Provide supplementary materials when the classroom activities aren’t quite enough
  • Add some novelty if you haven’t used videos in a while or don’t use them at all
  • Show a simulation of something that’s hard to replicate in the classroom
Advantages of Discovery Education
  • Discover Education has thousands of standards-aligned resources in many subjects
  • Students can view Discover Education videos anywhere, any time
  • Download and edit videos that show as editable (leave copyright/logo information and cite the content as from Discovery Education Terms of Use
5 Ways to Use Discovery EducationNovember 30, 7:00 PM (ET) Webinar
This webinar will showcase ways you can use Discovery Education beyond videos. Discovery Education Upcoming Webinar

Accounts and logins
Dive in and check out all of the videos Discovery Education has to offer! Teachers go JT Web Instructional Technology resources.  Students go to JT Learn  Student Resources.  Contact Lea Sloan for questions or support.

Share outShare ways you have used videos in the classroom here in a comment. 
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